Client Reviews


mereThe first thing I’d say about MUAHjwn is how incredibly friendly they are. I found out about the company because Jessica reached out to ME on Twitter saying she liked my style and wanted to work something out with me. I had my hair and makeup done by Jessica for head shots I needed for work in the broadcasting industry, and was amazed at how incredible they turned out. I STILL constantly have people tell me how great they turned out and how gorgeous the hair and makeup in them is. Jessica was a total professional, even coming along on the photo shoot for regular touch ups. Professional, gorgeous, and fun. That is how I would describe my experience with MUAHjwn and I would recommend it proudly and comfortably to anyone.

- Meredith Geddes, drive announcer on JACK FM


No matter what it is that I am shooting, or what the project may be, the first person I think of when I assemble my team is Jessica.

Really, why would I pick anyone else? From start to finish, Jess has been fully invested in every project we have done together. She is professional, talented, versatile, resourceful, and everything you could ask for in a makeup artist. I have never had to worry about Jess’ part in anything, in fact, I can always count on her to help me out beyond the facets the ordinary makeup artist, to the point where I could almost call her an art director. To me, Jessica’s talent in makeup artistry goes without saying, her work speaks for itself. More importantly, Jess has become a great friend, and a shoot would just not be a shoot without her behind the scenes. Without a doubt, Jess would be on the top of my list for recommendations to just about anyone, Thanks Jess!

- Jeremy Jude Lee, Founder & Principal Photographer, Jeremy Jude Lee Photography 


We LOVE MUAHjwn!!! Jessica Noujeim is our first go-to for makeup and hair styling when planning styled shoots for WedOverHeels. She hasimpressed us from start to finish on every project we’ve worked on together.

When we discuss our ideas & shoot concepts we have found that Jessica is comfortable and familiar with every style and the answer is always “Absolutely! I can definitely style that look for you!” …and she certainly can!

Living in Vancouver, we recently had to reschedule a shoot due to rain, and Jessica could not have been more accommodating with the last minute change of plans. Jessica’s cheerful and sweet demeanor is much appreciated, not only in preparation, but also on shoot days. 

Every time I’ve left Jessica’s makeup chair, I feel confident that I look my best and am ready to step in front of the camera:)

I highly recommend Jessica and MUAHjwn! My company most definitely looks forward to booking her beauty services again soon!

– Bean Benson, Co-Founder


I’ve worked with Jessica as a photographer and as a model. You can feel the passion that she has for what she does and you just know that she loves every minute of it! That passion and her incredible skill to match, comes out in everything she does and every face she works on.

Not only is her makeup flawless and fabulous to photograph, she makes her brides feel confident and beautiful.
To top it all off she is sweet and kind and a pleasure to be around and work with. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. :)
– Vasia Tsonis Han, Founder & Principal Photographer, Vasia Photography



Jess, you are one of the best makeup artists I’ve worked with. Your work turns out great everytime and absolutely gorgeous in photos, and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with you again on another shoot if the possibility presents itself. I’ve done a lot of shoots and your social skills and great personality are great to be around, because there are some MUA’s who are almost unbearable to be around, but you’re very professional and fun at the same time and I thank you for that. It makes the model’s job easier and more enjoyable when we don’t have to go through those awkward silences. Keep on doing what you’re doing, and if you ever need a model for anything, don’t hesitate to ask!

– Allison Hamilton, Model



You are absolutely amazing! There are no words to describe the gratitude I feel for having had such an incredible artist like you for my special day. You truly have a natural talent and made me feel so beautiful on one of the most important days of my life.

You were patient with ALL of my trials leading up to the big day, lol, and so accommodating throughout the entire process, offering to come to my house, bringing a selection of lashes, always being prompt and professional, and very affordable.

My bridesmaids absolutely adored you and I am sure they will be calling you up when it is their turn to get married. Anyone would be crazy not to hire such a talented up and coming artist such as yourself and I will be recommending you at every opportunity!

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart for putting your heart into making me and bridesmaids look so beautiful.

Lots of love and big hugs

- Mrs. Stephanie Albanese (bride)


Jessica’s talent is above and beyond perfection, and on top of it all she’s a natural beauty queen herself. Considering she’s so young, I can’t even imagine what a few more years will make of her. She exceeded my expectation with her crazy skills and her precise attention to detail. I am so happy we met because of Misguided Goddess – she is a true pleasure to work with and I can’t wait to say I worked with her before she was famous =)

Marina xoxoxoxoxo
- Marina Mikulic, Fine Artist, Designer, & Founder of Misguided Goddess 


I LOVE working with Jessica! She is number one on my recommendation list to all my brides. Her work is natural and always so beautiful to photograph.

- Rebecca Amber Photography


There’s two things a photographer looks for in a make-up artist and hair stylist: timing and talent, and there’s no doubt that you get both of these with Jessica Noujeim. She kept on schedule with the shoot, and was truly a joy to work with. Her passion for her art is evident and contagious. Her work is always flawless, and it doesn’t hurt that she is energetic, fun, and an all-around class act. If you haven’t worked with her yet, trust me, you want to.

- J. Josue Photography


 Jessica is such a delight to work with!  She is extremely professional and wise beyond her years.  Her beautiful personal touches and creativity speak for itself.  I highly recommend her for any type of fashion or wedding photographer looking for a beauty expert!

- Christine Williams


I’ve been modeling and working with various MUAs/stylists for the past year now and had the chance to work with Jessica at a shoot for Suki’s. I can definitely say she’s equal if not more naturally gifted than those that have had formal training at popular schools! Jessica is creative, enthusiastic, and as one of the creative directors of Suki’s called her, “genius.” I plan on working with her for more projects in the future!!

- Jessica-Ann Chiu, Model


Jessica is a well respected MUA & stylist who I am honored to work in tandem with. You may have seen some of our collaborated work such as the five-part Disney Villainess series. She makes sure her models are in a fun and relaxed environment while still maintaining professionalism and is known to work with and appreciate all types of beauty.

As a partner and once in a while model of hers, Jessica brings her passion, her art and her dedication to every single client. I look forward to working on future projects/photo shoots that will reunite Jessica and I for another innovative collaboration.

- Rachel Gamboa, Photographer (



Jessica works surprisingly fast, and even though time seems to be short with her, the quality of her work does not fall short at all.

She also recently did my eyebrows super quickly and they still looked great, just very natural and not over-plucked. Although I’ve known Jessica for years, it shouldn’t matter. People who have known her for 5 minutes, I’m sure, will be able to trust her with their hair and eyebrows!

I have nothing but compliments to say about Jessica. She’s very friendly, always leaves her clients satisfied and charges extremely reasonably.

- Clarissa G., private client


Today I had the privilege of having Jess style me for my grad photos, and it was amazing. The most I’ve ever worn is mascara, but even though I was wearing more makeup than I had before, everything still felt natural and 100% me.

Since I don’t have a lot of experience with makeup, I asked her to do what she felt was best, and throughout the process she asked me how it looked and was quick to change anything I felt uncomfortable with.

It is obvious that Jessica has talent, but more than that, she is a genuine person who truly wants to help you look and feel beautiful. You aren’t treated as a client, but as a friend.

- Stephanie D., private client


Jess is amazing. She was professional and knew her stuff inside and out. Not only that, she really catered her attention and advice to YOUR needs, doing what she thinks is best for YOU. I love the whole customization/personalization feel with Jess. It’s not like other people who have a standard routine with the same shades and same eyeliners. She has boxes of makeup and she digs through them to find the best one for you. Loved it. She was fast and efficient, wasting no time as she fixed up me and my friend. That night, I got so many compliments about my makeup, it was great! I definitely recommend you going to her if you have no clue about makeup or just need a look just for you, whether for a special night or just because. Thanks for everything, Jess.

- Alyssa L., private client


I found Jessica on Facebook. The first time I meet her she was very bubbly & sweet, and she had the chance to style me for my spring fling. I had a particular look in mind and she totally understood what I wanted. That’s why I contacted her again to style me for my valedictory! Jessica curled my hair during both events & the curls lasted in till the every next day. Jessica truly put her best efforts forward in making sure that it was the look that I wanted. I just wanted to say thanks again for everything! P.S. I’ll be contacting you again for future events!

- Harpinder D., private client