Today I got to spend time collaborating with two of my favourite people in the business, photographer Brice Ferré and artist Marina Mikulic (who makes frequent appearances on my blog and Facebook!).

I first met Brice last November, when I answered a craigslist ad seeking models for a black-and-white portrait series. Upon entering his studio and shooting with him, I was immediately impressed with Brice’s professionalism, talent, and charming French manner. What is striking is how at ease he makes you feel in front of the camera. For portraits, he uses a fixed lens, which means to zoom he has to get literally right up in your face – yet he made sure I never felt posed or awkward. The result were these fantastic photos which are now a part of his Authenticity Shots series (click the photo to see them all):

Brice contacted me to ask if I would do the makeup and hair for one of the same portrait series. This was actually my first experience doing male grooming, and it was a very interesting one! Brice’s subject was an architecture critic and writer (name withheld), whose lively way of speaking with gestures came across in many of the fantastic photos. It was really fun just hanging out and watching Brice at work.

Left: Brice at work, looking casual Right: The subject against a classic backdrop

An easy switch to a black backdrop for intense and powerful portraits

What I really find unique and love about Brice’s photography is the simplicity of his set up; there are no fancy lights, no elaborate tripods or shooting equipment – just a table, a white curtain, and a small, canvas-covered globe light perched on a shelf filled with eclectic books, movies, and photographs.

His black backdrop is a single opaque sheet taped to a metal stand – it took him literally two minutes to set up and take down, yet the result looks as though the subject could be standing in a long hallway painted black without the slightest evidence of a brushstroke.

Wouldn’t you agree his photos are fantastic?

 Speaking of painting and brushstrokes, after Brice’s shoot I headed to Marina’s house to doll her up for a wedding she was attending. When I walked in, she was working on this gorgeous piece:

 It’s always a lovely time chatting with Marina, and the time flew by as I flatironed her UNBELIEVABLY long blonde hair and did her makeup, emphasizing her eyes. (I used the tiniest bit of turquoise to match the dress she was wearing – can you spot it?)

The look for Marina's friend's wedding – can you believe her hair?

I hope you enjoyed this edition of day in MUAH life – if you have any comments, suggestions, questions, you can just leave them in the box! I’d love to hear from you.



P.S. – if you are interested in getting some awesome, beautiful portraits done for whatever reason, you MUST contact Brice to do a shoot this summer! They’re super reasonable and you can win tons of prizes just by getting one series done. (And – I’ll probably be your makeup artist!)